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Fireworks and Littles in the Snow

I just got back from the Christmas Parade, which is just another excuse for my town to shoot off fireworks. After that, Santa holds court in the park. Which is why I say a little prayer for the mommies. That's because their littles, who are are bundled up in snowsuits, are cold and tired and hyped up on candy canes, and they've tried to be patient as they wait in line, but just before they finally get to see Santa, they will suddenly realize they have to pee. Like, NOW. And that's when the mommies realize there is no place for a pit stop nearby. And running home is tantamount to telling their beloved ones that Santa isn't real, and you aren't getting anything for Christmas. So if one of those mommies decides to go back by the ditch and let their little one write in the snow, no one will judge. Don't ask me how I know this. But I will tell you this...when you make it back home, and the kids finally sleep, you can get my book Nic's Suite Santa for a guilt-free Christmassy escape. Merry Christmas!

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